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Dear [sir/madam/sir or madam/ Mr. XXX],

I've been involved as a regular participant of Wikinews, sister project of Wikipedia. Wikinews project is a free content news source of the Wikimedia Foundation that seeks to provide content, free of charge, where everyone is invited to contribute reports about events large and small.

In view of [remplacer par l'évènement], I'd like to get an interview with [remplacer par la personne à interviewer]. This interview, rather short, may be, depending on his choice, by [remplacer par les moyens d'interview : IRC, téléphone, mail...]. It will then be translated into several languages and would be a plus both for our website and for [remplacer par l'organisation à qui on demande l'interview], as Wikinews has some visibility on the Internet.

Yours faithfully,

[Mettre votre nom]