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Install instructions for my news ticker: Add the following code to MediaWiki:Monobook.js (sitewide), or Special:Mypage/monobook.js (personal):


If you do not trust me, and you do not mind being bugged to update it everytime I fix things, you can just directly copy the script from User:TheFearow/ticker.js and place it in the file instead. I DO NOT RECOMMEND that option, as critical bugfixes may take a while :)

Add <div id='showticker'></div> (the rendered version, not code version as seen in source) to the pages you want it to tick on. It will tick in that div, so do NOT place any text in there. Floating it right will cause it to move, not recommended. Best to have it left-aligned (default), with plenty of space next to it.

Purge your cache, then watch it tick :)

News stories to tick from are loaded from User:TheFearow/Tickersource, which auto updates for today, tomorrow, and yesterday. That needs to be purged in order for it to update with new stories. There is an "update" linnk on the ticker.