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Code removed[modifier le wikicode]

Why did you remove this code ? We need it for importants templates. --SleaY (discuter) 11 juin 2016 à 22:59 (UTC)[répondre]

Hello, SleaY. Thank you for your question. I removed that code because it imports – and therefore depends on – en:User:Bawolff/mwapilib2.js. That script is old and will stop working later this year. In the worst case scenario, it would throw JavaScript errors that prevents not just itself, but even other JavaScript from working. If you want it to be fixed, you can talk to Bawolff. Nirmos (discussion) 12 juin 2016 à 03:36 (UTC)[répondre]
its been a very long time since i looked at that code, and i dont really maintain it beyond the bare minimun, but what is the nature of your concern? Bawolff (discussion) 12 juin 2016 à 17:33 (UTC)[répondre]
Bawolff: The problem is wgDBname. Nirmos (discussion) 12 juin 2016 à 18:15 (UTC)[répondre]
While you are correct that the usage of wgDBName is deprecated and should be changed, support will not be removed this year, and there is no proposed schedule for when support will be removed. See https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikitech-l/2016-June/085868.html I think removing usages of en:User:Bawolff/mwapilib2.js because some day in the far far future config globals might be removed, is a little premature. Bawolff (discussion) 13 juin 2016 à 08:37 (UTC)[répondre]