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My name's Paweł. I can't speak french, because I'm from Poland and I live in Poland. I'm seventeen years old. I like computers, histories, buses and trams. I hate falsehoods and idiotism. My favourite cartoon is "Braceface", because IMO this cartoon cool and good. My favourite character from cartoon "Braceface" is Alden Jones and Sharon Spitz. Alden Jones to become Sharon boyfriend in episode "The Good Life", and he's is good boyfriend for Sharon. Alden Jones end of partners with Sharon is episode "Dear Alden", because Sharon was enviable for Alden, because Alden to became very interesting. Alden comeback to Sharon in last episode "Leap of Faith", because he's to grasped his blunder. Sharon Spitz is friendly, and she's very very seek Alden Jones, but her mission is successful in episode "The Good Life", but Sharon was very sad in episode "Dear Alden", because Alden end of partners with Sharon, because Sharon stopped his to agree, but Sharon to awake Alden, allege he's made blunder ended with Sharon and Sharon and Alden, comeback to became again partners.
Vitamine ŕ mon la banque. I`ve ŕ réputation Paul , sources ex Éclat ainsi que semblable ŕ ordinateur.
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