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(→‎Use : add some notes about gadget)
Please consider returning an article to {{tl|develop}}ment with a comment on additional work needed prior to review, and notifying the original contributor, if you do not go through all the steps of the review process. A copy of the develop template with any parameters will display in red, and should ideally be placed at the top of the article to draw attention to it.
==Use [Using Easy Peer Review]==
*First of all, make sure you are an [[special:listusers/editor]], or this won't work. Also make sure you are on a page that is currently up for review (has {{tl|review}} on it). You will also need to have javascript enabled for this to work (which you probably already have).
*Find the review tab. This should be on the drop down menu in vector (See image on right), or a tab on the top of the page in monobook (beside the history tab).
*If all else fails, you can also get to it by typing <code>javascript:Bawolff.review.start()</code> in the address bar and hitting enter. (This will work even if the article is not up for review, so make sure that the article is up for review before doing that.) If that doesn't work, it means the gadget did not load properly, in which case, notify [[user:Bawolff]].
*A form should popup (See [[:image:EasyPeerReview-filling out.png|image]] for example). Fill it out, hit submit and the gadget should take care of the rest.
==Use [manual]==
:Note, its recomended you use the EasyPeerReview method above instead.
<code><nowiki>{{</nowiki>peer reviewed</code><br />
<code>|revid='''''Revision ID'''''</code><br />
*'''Neutral Point of View''': The reviewer should check that all information in the article is written in a [[Wikinews:Neutral point of view|neutral and unbiased]] manner, with no editorial commentary/advocacy or unsourced opinion.
*'''Style''': The reviewer should check that all information in the article complies with our [[Wikinews:Style guide|style guide]] (on [[Wikinews:Style guide#Using the Date and Dateline templates|dateline]], grammar and [[Wikinews:Style guide#Spelling|spelling]], [[Wikinews:Style guide#The first paragraph|"inverted pyramid" structure]], [[Wikinews:Style guide#Writing tone and structure|tone]], [[Wikinews:Style guide#Wiki links within an article|wikilinks]], [[Wikinews:Style guide#Wikinews Categories|categories]], [[Wikinews:Naming conventions|headline]]... etc.)
*'''Note''' After placing this on the talk page, you must still remove {{tl|review}} from the article and add {{tl|publish}}, sight the article, create a redirect to the article with a 5 digit number in the title, add {{tl|Google News}} to that redirect, and sight the redirect. Its highly recomended you use Easy Peer review, because then you do not have to do all these additional steps.


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